School Story Solutions™ identifies, optimises and measures how digital engagement realises your school’s strategic goals.

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Wooranna Park School Story

All That A School Story Can Be!

School Story Experience is an educational service for school leaders and their school communities. This article highlights how, at its core, it helps manage the complexities of communicating a schools’ vision and mission through 21st-century digital communication strategies and tools. Most importantly, it sets out how we view the service as a pedagogy-based one, rather than marketing or public relations. Ironically, though, the approach shows that the best advertising for any school are the affirmations which it receives from its own students, staff and parents.

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Stock images of photographed students appear in good-news-school-stories of newspapers and newsletters. Now, as we use the stunning array of photographic and video tools available to us, once safety and privacy are assured, what are we learning about what’s needed to authentically document our students’ learning?

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